With over 18 years of experience, Roxanno's cc are renowned for providing products of the highest quality. We offer various framing solutions. We will gladly assist you with your choices regarding frames, mounting boards & colour and style choices. Visit us to view the various framing options.

Block Mounting

Block Mounting1 Block mounting is sealing Photographic Prints onto a wooden MDF board. A popular and affordable alternative to framing.

Canvas Stretching

Canvas Stretch1 A Canvas stretched and secured to a wooden frame, to be used for original paintings and print reproductions.


Mirror1 Decorate your home by adding a framed mirror.

Box Frames

Box Framing1 A box-like Frame is a stylish, modern solution to framing. Great to frame Watercolours and other artworks.


05 A framed tapestry is a great addition to any living room or bedroom, and gives the place a certain elegance and charm.

Photographic Framing

Photographic Framing1 Not only does a frame enhance your Photographs or Painting, it also protects them. Let us do this for you.


Miscellaous1 We also frame miscellaneous objects such as: Baby Shoes, Sports Souvenirs, Keys, Christening Dresses, Personal Mementos, etc.

Original Paintings

Original Paintings We appreciate original artworks and understand their value. Let us preserve them for you in a lovely frame.